Learn What Sets Us Apart

Most of our homes are single level, so there are no steps throughout, making them easy to negotiate throughout for people of all ages.

We’ve been using Radiant Floor Heat in our homes since 1997. This type of heat system is considered to be the Cadillac of heat systems, so is normally found in only higher-end homes. Because we are performing the installation ourselves, we are able to offer this feature in our homes. Radiant Floor Heat is a comfortable heat that radiates from the floor up, keeping more of the warmth in our living space rather than near the ceiling. Duct systems are not required, nor are baseboard units, thereby allowing more usable space for furniture and less air movement to aggravate allergies.

This is the Cadillac in water heating. On-Demand Condensing Boilers are high efficiency Energy-Star rated systems which heat only the amount of water being requested for immediate use. This differs from standard water heaters which continuously cycle to ensure the water is at temperature when needed, whether it be day or night, while at work or school, or away on vacation. This wall-hung boiler fits neatly in a closet or corner, and takes up a fraction of the space standard water heater/well pump combinations require.

Turnkey homes are built on Frost Protected Foundations. This solid foundation far exceeds the codes for the houses we build. Not having a crawlspace keeps out the damp, the cold, and the potential for groundwater problems. The mass of the Frost Protected Foundation is an excellent match with the Radiant Floor Heat used in our homes.

Turnkey strives to design and use materials that make our homes as maintenance-free as possible. The homes are designed to fit into the neighborhood and make best use of the lot. We build to or exceed the International Residential Building Codes. Exterior walls consist of 2×6 construction, 16″ on center, with solid headers. The use of energy-heeled trusses, R-21 insulation in the walls and on-demand hot water boilers allow our homes to exceed the Energy Codes for the State of Montana.

When garages are built, why not take the time to finish them like the rest of the house? Our garages are also heated using Radiant Floor Heat.