Our Business Goals

The following are all items of importance to Turnkey Construction Inc. We also feel these are important to our customers; therefore, each is addressed prior to a project being considered for placement on Turnkey’s schedule.

Our goal is to provide affordable homes without sacrificing quality. By using innovative designs, limited employees, and few subcontractors, we are able to keep our overhead down, allowing us to build homes at affordable prices.

Turnkey Construction homes are built by its employees; we are not a general contractor who hires other firms to perform the work. By being on the job we are able to control the quality from the ground up. The subcontractors we do use are held to the same high standards that our customers expect from us.

Turnkey’s building and design experience and hands-on approach allow us to work one-on-one with the customer to create a living space that is both functional and comfortable. Do you have a plan that you like? Or not quite sure what you want? We can work from existing plans or from your ideas to design a home within your budget.

Most of our homes are designed with radiant floor heat. Radiant heating quietly and continuously warms by circulating warm water through tubing located beneath the floor. For optimal value, on-demand water heaters are used in conjunction with this heating method. Discover the comfort of radiant floor heat!

Turnkey Construction is committed to its customers. Staying abreast of evolving building code regulations and keeping up with changing building materials and practices remain a priority. We are proud of our capability to provide customers with options best-suited to fit their needs. We are equally proud of the workmanship that goes into each and every project we undertake.

Our commitment extends past the end of the project. Customer follow-ups are protocol. We are there to answer questions, warranty our work, and provide overall assistance to make the experience of a new home as simple and enjoyable as it should be.

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